Are the keywords important for the ranking of the apps in the store?

Are the keywords important for the ranking of the apps in the store?

Whenever you think that the keywords are not important for one app you must know that it is not true. App Store Optimization is offers different options and possibilities in the ranking process. With the usage of keywords you will make your app more accessible for the users and there will be an improvement in the creation of the name and the description.

  1. Description

Every app has a short description about the agreements the user makes with the downloading, about the price of the app, whether is free or not, how much memory it takes, what is it about. These things help a lot in the ranking, because if the users read the description and then install the app and see a completely different thing from what they read, they will be disappointed and will not trust again the description. So it is an essential element in getting higher app ranking and attracting users. Keep it short, simple, unique and understandable.


  1. How the apps that contained keywords are highly ranked than those that didn’t?

A lot of the users search for the apps they want, so an app that contains keywords has 10% higher ranking than the one who doesn’t. The app discovery of the new and the existing apps is easier with keywords and makes higher app store rankings.

The sources for discovery might be: 3rd party sides, app stores searching, friends and family, media, TV advertisements, carrier homepage, email tip, device homepage, sync software, in-app add, etc.

While using all of these sources with the keywords you will facilitate the search and you will find the app quickly. But if the keyword is used with repetition or it is an irrelevant one, then the app ranking might result with app suspense.


  1. Is it all about the ratings?

The ratings are important, and one of the leading features in the app, but are not that influential in the downloading of the apps and in their ranking. They do have a significant impact on the downloading and installing the app, but a meritocratic approach when it comes to visibility, discoverability and usage. Those apps that are searched a lot in the internet and the stores don’t have a great impact on the rating, which means if an app is searched for million times, doesn’t mean it will be number one in the list of the ranking.