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I don't know very stressed when exams coming along. Exams the hardest part of the year, and they bring with them a black cloud of doubt and anxiety, for me at least. I just find them to be so difficult, and so intimidating, and I just hate when they are approaching. Actually, that's the worst part, when they're approaching. Because, for me, I'm always thinking about the fact that if I failed that exam, my whole GPA will be box, and if I don't do as well as I need to, then I won't be able to move forward in my degree with honors. So, I end up thinking that I need to score something like a high or a plus just to move forward, which, thanks to this website that works as a final exam calculator, I finally realized that's not the case.Thanks to this website, which is called the final grade percentage calculator, I've realized that all I need to do is score a B grade on my final exam, and I can still maintain that a that I have learned through positive course work over the course of my semester. Knowing that I don't have to receive the grade of an A on this final exam is a huge relief for me, and it will let me study for courses that I am not doing so well at, so I will still study for this, but not as much as I would have had I not known that all I needed to achieve was the grade of a B. So, it might seem like a little thing, but the consequences are major in a very positive way, as I will have a lot more time to distribute wisely in an informed and enlightened way thanks to this grade websites that is very simple and Innovative and easy-to-use. So, I do suggest using it if you're a student like me.

So I've been thinking about IT outsourcing for my new small business. I hear a lot of different opinions on Outsourcing and I'm not sure whether I should do it or not, but it really does seem to be the cheaper alternative. I'm not running the kind of business that is going to depend on having an IT person on hand all the time, so I don't think that it is worth hiring a full-time staff member. So I guess what I'm wondering is if it is worth using the local option, which is considerably more expensive unless I go with someone who is totally inexperienced. Or, if I should do offshore Outsourcing. I've heard a lot of bad things about offshoring, but I've also heard some very good things. Namely, I have heard that you can afford amazing foreign help for the same cost as mediocre local help. Another ethical issue I have with this is that I am contributing to a global economy rather than my home, community, and local economy. I think what I will do is ask some local businesses about options in the community, send some emails, make some calls, and potentially meet up with some Freelancers or organizations that would be willing to do this work. I don't think hiring a full-time it person is right for me, however I do think that it is very possible that I might want to forge a partnership with somebody on a long-term basis, who can add my business to their portfolio. That seems to be the way to go, does anybody have an opinion on this, or any experience that could help me out? As always, the opinions of my commenters often guide me, so I am very grateful for your readership and responsiveness. Ciao, for now!

Are the keywords important for the ranking of the apps in the store?

Whenever you think that the keywords are not important for one app you must know that it is not true. App Store Optimization is offers different options and possibilities in the ranking process. With the usage of keywords you will make your app more accessible for the users and there will be an improvement in the creation of the name and the description.

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The benefits and level of invention and Innovation that is found in these amazing products greatly exceeds anything that I had ever seen in this field before. Significantly so. It is not even a close contest. This is by far the best electric scooter that I have ever had a chance to experience, and I suggest that anyone who is living in a German City, and has a vehicle specifically for the city, should sell their vehicle immediately and buy one of these. If you ever have to take the highway and leave the city, this is obviously not your ideal choice, but if you have a vehicle that is meant for City Driving, yeah I can assure you that this is not as good as this amazing electric scooter by UNU. I just think that electric scooters are so much fun. I love driving around with the wind in my hair, and feeling the wind on my face as well. I love being outside, and I often feel like our separate me from the outside while electric scooters help me become closer and closer to it. I like being exposed to the elements, and I don't mind being rained on a little bit every now and then if I have to be. Again, this is the type of thing that helps me to feel alive, and doesn't make a negative impact on my quality of life whatsoever. That's just how I feel about electric scooters, and I have to say that I've never had an Elektroroller experience that was as satisfying as this one that I recently had in Germany. Like I said, I'm at the type of traveller that loves electric scooters. Loves them. I have ridden electric scooters all the rent South America, Europe, and Southeast Asia, but I had never been able to find one that made me feel the way that this one made me feel.



At 16’ x 9’ feet, CORE had made a great, big tent that will tough for competitors in the camping tent market to outclass. For the price, it’s a fantastic deal-- to put it simply. If you want a big, durable tent, you’re not going to get much bigger than this big domed shelter. This fits 9 people, in camping terms… For the average person, it might be clearer to say that it fits three queen sized air mattresses with a bit of extra space.

The tent is totally easy and quick to set up, and is bigger than many large tents that are in the same price range. Not only is it big, but it is well designed and the space is effectively distributed in order to create an awesome camping experience.

The tent is resistant against water in several ways. First of all, it is built with water repellent fabrics, which create an experience where the water runs off quick. It also comes with a very effective rain fly which can be taken off in warm weather, and is easy to reattach. It is worth removing in the warm weather, too, as the mesh on the top of the tent is meant to be panoramic and allows for a nice view.

The tent also features a deceptively complex and generally brilliant ventilation system, which is fully in your control. There’s an adjustable air vent on the bottom of the tent, which allows as much (or as little) cool air as you’d like into the tent, and the mesh can be managed to accommodate the expedient exit and escape of warm air on hot days. Pockets are included in the upper reaches of the tent which make use of open space, turning it into storage, and there is a whole lot of space to enjoy inside this tent.

The tent also features a deceptively complex and generally brilliant ventilation system, which is fully in your control. There’s an adjustable air vent on the bottom of the tent, which allows as much (or as little) cool air as you’d like into the tent, and the mesh can be managed to accommodate the expedient exit and escape of warm air on hot days. Pockets are included in the upper reaches of the tent which make use of open space, turning it into storage, and there is a whole lot of space to enjoy inside this tent.

In general, I am usually a lot more critical, but I have found it hard to find things to knock, especially for the price that this tent is offered at.

When I recommend a product of any kind, I realize that I am placing the reputation of Survival Cooking behind that recommendation, so there is something real that is at stake. That being said, I  absolutely recommend this tent to almost anybody; unless of course you need to sleep more than 3 queen sized air mattresses worth of people. But yes, this is a great tent, and the price it is available to be purchased for represent extreme value for the potential consumer.

Introduction to 360 cameras

With the invention of 360 cameras the world of videos and images has got new dimension. The quality of picture and the resolution of videos shot by these 360 cameras are simply great. The best 360 camera has many wonderful features and it is surprising to know that with these cameras you can control many things at the same time while taking a shot. These cameras are so effective in shooting that they can change the entire outlook and get up of the videos and images.

Some features of your best 360 camera

One of the best 360 cameras can capture 360 degree footage and gives a resolution of 2880x 2880 pixels. This camera comes with single 240 degrees fish – eye lens due to which there is no requirement of tagging the content. To add to its fantastic features this 360 camera comes with 64 GB built-in memory, accelerometer, GPS and all this comes with a shock proof body. As far as connectivity is concerned it comes with Bluetooth and Wi -Fi. The users of this camera can control it with their smart phone.

There is another fabulous 360 camera in the market. This 360 camera comes with amazing 30 MP images and a high resolution. The good quality of image produced in this camera is due to the presence of 15 MP sensors. Some of the other attractive features of this camera which makes you buy it at the very first sight are Bluetooth connectivity, NFC, Wi- Fi and expandable memory. In addition for extra safety this camera is dirt and splash proof.

There is another marvellous 360 camera and this camera has great compatibility with your smart phone. This 360 camera has a 1.50 inch LCD display and has Wi-Fi connectivity. This camera has image sensors in its lens of 220 degrees which gives you outstanding horizontal images.

Features to look for while selecting your best 360 camera

Good Memory

Your 360 camera should have good quality of battery which should preferably be a built-in battery. This would make you feel comfortable as you do not have charge the battery of your phone after every few hours. Ideally your 360 camera should have a 32 GB memory with a back-up of at least 3 hours.


Your experience with your best 360 camera should be great and it should just not be limited to capturing moments. With the help of these 360 cameras you can share your videos on You Tube and this is done by a single click of button. Now your friends can view your images and videos. You will feel as if your friends are with you.

Right accessories

The accessories which you should have with your 360 camera are microphone plug, USB cable and action camera adapter. All this combined with your camera to give you some of the best memories of your life.

Every day, approximately 3.5 billion searches are carried out on search engines, researchers say the users who seek for information online, about 70% of them does not go beyond the first four-page of the search result. And in 2014, the majority of internet user about 81% says, the best way to find websites is through search engines. This why Indexsy provides you with the useful benefits of search engine optimization

  • SEO build and generate trust

User relies on a search engine to find the relevant websites in term of what they are looking for. If your site ranks higher in any search engine, online users will have more trust in the reliability of your site. If your site is highly ranked on search engines, that means more visitors, more sales, more money and more readers.

Many people have gotten confused with SEO because it is very technical and complicated, but that is not the case. SEO has advanced to a level of quality content on websites. When visitors finds the right thing, they are looking for on your sites this will build trust. Indexsy helps you to optimize various content on your site and shows you it not hard when done the right way.

  • SEO creates long-term effect on the internet

The visitors you get from various search engines will give long lasting advantages because if your content on your pages is rated significant, you can stay on tops of other results for a very long time. So a single article posted every day can bring views to your websites.

  • SEO makes you reach the target visitors

SEO sends desired information wanted by any audience through the words they search for. The information you provides will be directed to the a particular traffics that wants it. This helps you lower irrelevant traffics that won’t need what you offer.

  • SEO will save you a lot of money

SEO makes sites to be simply found by users; this will help you promote your site without any using adverts space from various search engine. Note you need to put enough time in it because that how you will get the desired result

  • SEO will create publicity for you on the internet

Proper SEO increase the numbers of the visitors coming to your sites. Your site will be quicker to find when searched by users. The power of SEO is to lure prospective client to your website. If you need relevance on the internet, indexsy can help you

A beautiful city in Western Canada, Vancouver is home to masses of people that are looking for work and a way to support themselves in a tough economic climate.  This large city has plenty to offer for jobs, a characteristic that is making many people head there in search for a more profitable career that could be short or long term.  The problem with this city, however, is the price of real estate.  If you are looking to work the average job and still support yourself living in a comfortable home close to the centre of the city, you’re going to have a tough time.  This, however, is a great time for those that are looking to profit in the career of flipping homes.

While all property is expensive in Vancouver right now, this ends up benefiting those who flip houses in the end, to check out some prices, visit MLS Vancouver.  Imagine, buying a run down and neglected for a decent price, and then using your skills to turn it into this beautiful and quaint home in a great selling area.  You could make a fortune off it, easily in the millions with the way the market is right now.  For those who do their own work with minimal need for contractors, this is an elusive and very successful business to get into.

Anywhere else in the country – or world, really, as Vancouver is ranked as one of the most expensive places to live right now – this isn’t exactly a beneficial business, because the price of a house isn’t as high as it needs to be in order to make a good profit off of it, no matter how nice it is.  Vancouver is the best place for those in the business of flipping houses to invest their time and money, with Toronto, ON, not far behind in prices. However, it's not just downtown Vancouver, even the suburbs are experiencing it, with Port Moody real estate in the lead.

The key with making the most out of flipping houses in Vancouver is to make sure you do your research on where is the prime spot that people are looking for in real estate.  Make sure you choose a house that is perfect for the image in your head, and is one that is priced well to allow you the maximum potential to make money off of it.

Another thing to keep in mind is how long the house will take to be vamped up to the quality that you have in mind.  While the price in Vancouver is high and continues to climb higher and higher, you need to make sure that you keep in mind the fact that, eventually, the rates will start to fall again, and you’ll need to get out ahead of that and get the house on the market.

Flipping homes is a great business opportunity for those who have the skills, insight, and motivation to be able to see the project through from start to finish.  That being said, it also takes some business sense in that you have to keep the real estate market in mind and make sure that you don’t lose your window of opportunity by taking too long to flip it.  That market will start to fall again, and buyers will disappear faster than you can turn around as everyone tries to grab the perfect house.

For those that are known to the business, flipping homes is a great option in locations that have a lot of rundown homes and buildings that are available at great prices.  Since the market is high right now, those in the business are going to find that they will be the best ones to benefit (along with any other sellers in the are) from the skyrocketing price of real estate in Vancouver.  While the rest of the world waits to see how high the number is going to go until it starts to fall again, home flippers are hoping that it stays high for as long as possible.

Yes, it is true that a bigger percentage of sales still happen in physical retail stores. However, online stores that are supported through smartphones and other mobile devices have a great influence not only on customer engagement and loyalty, but also on sales. Actually, this is the main reason why as a retailer, you should have an effective mobile strategy so that you can easily connect with your customers when they are in your store or nearby. This is where you need to implement technologies such as iBeacon and Eddystone.

After defining clear campaign objectives, you can then set up the following beacon campaigns for your retail stores.

  1. Send target offers

The main objective of this Eddystone campaign is to send targeted offers to your customers with an aim of encouraging them to purchase complementary products at your retail store. For instance, you can send an offer to customers at the juice section, about a special discount on ready-to-drinks that will be availed to customers on purchase of juice. The message can read as ‘buy any bottle of juice and avail 15% of on ready-to-drinks’.

  1. Attract new customers to your business

If you wish to increase customer reach, this campaign will help you greatly. The goal of this objective is to attract target and attract new customers to visit your retail store. For instance, you can name your campaign ‘Discover the latest air products’ and set the message can read as ‘Discover the latest hair products, visit the Elmogoi Store’.

  1. Promote new products

The main goal of this Eddystone campaign is to attract existing customers at or near your retail store to pass by the new product launch section. You can name the campaign ‘New Men’s Jackets’ and set the display message as ‘Stay warm during this winter season, come buy highest quality jackets at Elmogoi Store’.

  1. Send proximity marketing messages around mannequins

Eddystone provides you with one of the most effective ways to push your customers closer to sale when they are checking out your products on a mannequin. The main objective of this campaign is to use proximity marketing messages to send specific offers and sometimes, relevant product information to your customers. For instance, you can name the campaign ‘Mannequin 2 – Christmas Dress’ and then set your display message as ‘Be the coolest this Christmas, with a soft, flowery Christmas dress. Special 25% off on all Christmas dresses today’.




There is nothing better than throwing yourself into a comfortable chair after a day’s hard work. The best recliners in this world are designed for such moments. Among the different kinds of fixtures available in the form of a recliner chair, leather recliners have a completely different use and utility.

Leather recliners are a professional looking piece of furniture. These chairs take into consideration the importance of fabric, brackets and angles that would complement medical specification and the total value of the chair. The frame of every recliner is significant, and therefore the designer plans and executes it after careful measurements and considerations.

Why leather fabric?

We all know how luxurious leather is. The utility of leather is known only by those who have experienced using it. The leather is popular for its elegance and versatility. Many brands are now introducing contemporary leather designs that enhance the value and comfort provided by leather as fabric. The leather recliner frames are designed to easily move forward and backward and change position from reclining to sitting and vice versa.

Tips to buy a leather recliner

Being a versatile material, leather comes in several forms and styles. Note that not all leather recliners are comfortable. Cheap leather would be hard on your body and will make noise when you move. Therefore it is important to learn the difference between a high quality and durable leather and just some ordinary leather.

The rocker leather recliners come with a hand lever and push button. These chairs can be fully reclined. The push-back models allow you to exert some pressure to lean back. The prices of this category vary from design to design. Push back chairs often cheaper and more durable. Then there are wall saver recliners that consume minimum space. The leather fabric can be utilized the best in a wall saver recliner as you can find the highest quality fabric in this design.

Experience it:

There is no better way of buying a recliner then by sitting on it and experiencing the feel and comfort of the fabric. Does the leather fit well with the contours of your body? Does it make noise when you sit? Do you like the support and comfort it provides? It is significant that you like the foot rest and the lever function of the chair you are investing on.

Check the frame:

The frame of a leather recliner is another important aspect you must take into consideration. The weight of the frame should not be too much. The frame should have tight and heavy screws to ensure durability. Check the gap between cushion and footrest. The best recliners in leather are the one that is the most comfortable and supportive.