Different Eddystone Campaigns You Can Implement at Your Retail Store

Yes, it is true that a bigger percentage of sales still happen in physical retail stores. However, online stores that are supported through smartphones and other mobile devices have a great influence not only on customer engagement and loyalty, but also on sales. Actually, this is the main reason why as a retailer, you should have an effective mobile strategy so that you can easily connect with your customers when they are in your store or nearby. This is where you need to implement technologies such as iBeacon and Eddystone.

After defining clear campaign objectives, you can then set up the following beacon campaigns for your retail stores.

  1. Send target offers

The main objective of this Eddystone campaign is to send targeted offers to your customers with an aim of encouraging them to purchase complementary products at your retail store. For instance, you can send an offer to customers at the juice section, about a special discount on ready-to-drinks that will be availed to customers on purchase of juice. The message can read as ‘buy any bottle of juice and avail 15% of on ready-to-drinks’.

  1. Attract new customers to your business

If you wish to increase customer reach, this campaign will help you greatly. The goal of this objective is to attract target and attract new customers to visit your retail store. For instance, you can name your campaign ‘Discover the latest air products’ and set the message can read as ‘Discover the latest hair products, visit the Elmogoi Store’.

  1. Promote new products

The main goal of this Eddystone campaign is to attract existing customers at or near your retail store to pass by the new product launch section. You can name the campaign ‘New Men’s Jackets’ and set the display message as ‘Stay warm during this winter season, come buy highest quality jackets at Elmogoi Store’.

  1. Send proximity marketing messages around mannequins

Eddystone provides you with one of the most effective ways to push your customers closer to sale when they are checking out your products on a mannequin. The main objective of this campaign is to use proximity marketing messages to send specific offers and sometimes, relevant product information to your customers. For instance, you can name the campaign ‘Mannequin 2 – Christmas Dress’ and then set your display message as ‘Be the coolest this Christmas, with a soft, flowery Christmas dress. Special 25% off on all Christmas dresses today’.