Extreme Ideas for Birthday Celebrations

Extreme Ideas for Birthday Celebrations

Are you looking for an original way to celebrate your birthday? Here are some extreme ideas for your birthday celebration. As you do these activities, you will get some interesting birthday images. Some of this extreme games can put your life at risk. Ironically celebrating one more year with these activities can be the most exciting.


A virtual war with paint bullets is very exciting. To make the celebration more enjoyable, invite as many friends as you can. The gotcha is also an excellent activity for kids. However, it can be dangerous. Have proper equipment to avoid injuries. As you are playing, get a photographer for your birthday images.

If you want the same kind of game but with the lowest risk, then go for laser battles. With laser fights, you are given all the protective equipment you need for your eyes, which are the only ones at risk. Apart from that, laser wars are safe.

In both options, your birthday images are going to be an impressive display of equipment. As you need protection, your face will be covered. Don’t forget to take a before and after picture for posterity.



The rappel is an excellent way to test your strength. Practice this activity alone or with a small group of friends to celebrate your birthday. Depending on your skills, go for an easy place or a more challenging zone.

Some places offer a photography service. Make use of it to get good shots as birthday images. You will be busy taking care of your life, and you will not have any chance to think of pictures.


Parachute Jump

Get some adrenaline running through your veins with a parachute jump. This an experience for life. All parachute jumps for beginners include a photo session. You can use those pictures to upload birthday images on your favorite social network.

If you have done parachute jump before, you will get better birthday images. Beginners need to jump with a certified instructor, so don’t be surprised to be attached to another person during the jump.




Bungee is another extreme game you can play. This is safer than a parachute jump, but still, it has its dose of adrenaline. The experience is something to remember. Your birthday images will be full of funny faces. Get a good photographer to capture the moment when you and your friends are the most excited (or terrified) by the bungee session.