Some of the best 360 cameras and their benefits in videos and images

Introduction to 360 cameras

With the invention of 360 cameras the world of videos and images has got new dimension. The quality of picture and the resolution of videos shot by these 360 cameras are simply great. The best 360 camera has many wonderful features and it is surprising to know that with these cameras you can control many things at the same time while taking a shot. These cameras are so effective in shooting that they can change the entire outlook and get up of the videos and images.

Some features of your best 360 camera

One of the best 360 cameras can capture 360 degree footage and gives a resolution of 2880x 2880 pixels. This camera comes with single 240 degrees fish – eye lens due to which there is no requirement of tagging the content. To add to its fantastic features this 360 camera comes with 64 GB built-in memory, accelerometer, GPS and all this comes with a shock proof body. As far as connectivity is concerned it comes with Bluetooth and Wi -Fi. The users of this camera can control it with their smart phone.

There is another fabulous 360 camera in the market. This 360 camera comes with amazing 30 MP images and a high resolution. The good quality of image produced in this camera is due to the presence of 15 MP sensors. Some of the other attractive features of this camera which makes you buy it at the very first sight are Bluetooth connectivity, NFC, Wi- Fi and expandable memory. In addition for extra safety this camera is dirt and splash proof.

There is another marvellous 360 camera and this camera has great compatibility with your smart phone. This 360 camera has a 1.50 inch LCD display and has Wi-Fi connectivity. This camera has image sensors in its lens of 220 degrees which gives you outstanding horizontal images.

Features to look for while selecting your best 360 camera

Good Memory

Your 360 camera should have good quality of battery which should preferably be a built-in battery. This would make you feel comfortable as you do not have charge the battery of your phone after every few hours. Ideally your 360 camera should have a 32 GB memory with a back-up of at least 3 hours.


Your experience with your best 360 camera should be great and it should just not be limited to capturing moments. With the help of these 360 cameras you can share your videos on You Tube and this is done by a single click of button. Now your friends can view your images and videos. You will feel as if your friends are with you.

Right accessories

The accessories which you should have with your 360 camera are microphone plug, USB cable and action camera adapter. All this combined with your camera to give you some of the best memories of your life.